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Our Fire Pits service can add a unique and cozy touch to your outdoor living space. Let us help you create an enjoyable area for friends and family to gather around.
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Fire pits are a great way to bring warmth and ambiance to your outdoor space! Whether you’re hosting an evening gathering or just relaxing with friends, enjoying the outdoors while still being able to stay warm is a great experience.

Booking a fire pit service is the perfect way to make sure your fire pit is installed properly, safely and will look amazing when it’s finished. Professional installation can help save time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes that could be made if you install it yourself. Additionally, professional services may provide access to higher quality materials which can last longer than DIY solutions.

Safety should be of utmost importance when using a fire pit; having an experienced installer check for any potential dangers such as flammable materials or structural hazards nearby will help ensure that everyone stays safe while using the fire pit. Additionally, professional services may provide information on how best to use and maintain your fire pit so it lasts for many seasons of enjoyment.

Finally, there’s something special about having someone else create something beautiful in your outdoor space - like having a custom-built oasis right in your backyard! Booking a fire pits service helps ensure that you get exactly what you want while also making sure everything is done correctly and safely - all with minimal effort on your part!


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    Absolutely a pleasure to work with. Mark and his team transformed my boring backyard into a oasis! He redesigned and put everything into a new perspective on how things should be, and even recommended upgrades which we did and it added the “last touch” to the oasis he created!!!

    Home Owner

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